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Rome Taxis

How to use taxicabs--and how to avoid excessive cab fares)--in Rome, Italy.

Rome mini-taxi

ABOVE: A minitaxi near the Spanish Steps. INSET BELOW: Cabs at Termini Station, and an illuminated sign on a Rome taxi.

Taxicabs are plentiful in Rome, and rates are fairly reasonable. (The exact fare will depend on traffic, whether you're traveling on a Sunday or holiday, how much luggage you're carrying, etc.)

Taxis are easiest to find at taxi stands, railroad stations, and airports. You can also phone for a taxi.

Rome taxis at Termini StationA good source of basic information is Pauline Kenny's Rome Taxis page at Slow Travel Italy, which covers the fundamentals and describes the author's personal experiences when using cabs.

When you need a cab, visit 3570, the site of Rome's radio-taxi cooperative, where you can reserve a cab on the Web, or--if you prefer--with a text message or app.

The  Coop also has a new fleet of wheelchair-accessible taxis.


  • Ignore the touts at Termini Station or the airport and use only licensed, metered cabs.

    Rome taxi sign - Photo by Frank ParkerLicensed taxis are painted white, have "taxi" lights on the roof, and have Comune di Roma decals (with the taxi's license number) on the doors.

  • Some taxis are small, while others are midsized sedans, station wagons, or minivans.

    If you're traveling with bulky luggage and you phone for a taxi, be sure to explain that you need a cab with room for your bags.

  • If you feel that you've been cheated and you've booked your cab through Cooperative Radiotaxi 3570, you can register a complaint online.

Airport taxi service:

The Comune di Roma has established flat rates for rides in licensed taxis between Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport and the city center (any location within the Aurelian Walls).

The current fares, which include luggage, are:

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