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Fiumicino Airport luggage trolleys

ABOVE: Luggage trolleys at Fiumicino Airport.

How to check in for your flight at FCO:

airport departures boardHere are some tips to minimize confusion and delays on your day of departure from Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino Airport:

  • Know your departure terminal before leaving for the airport. (Check with your airline, or see the terminal descriptions on page 1 of this article.)

  • Before checking in, look for your flight's check-in counter number on the electronic signs or monitors. (In many cases, an airline and/or flight may be using more than one counter or wicket.)

For travelers to the U.S. or Israel:

  • If you're changing planes at a European airport on your way back to the U.S. or Israel, you'll check in at Terminal 1, 2, or 3, depending on your airline and connection city. (See page 1.)

  • If you're traveling on a "codeshare" ticket, the airline you're flying on may not be the one that sold you the ticket. For example, the first leg of a Delta routing to the United States through Amsterdam will be on KLM or Alitalia (departing from Terminal 1), while a direct Delta flight to New York or another U.S. city will leave from Terminal 3.

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