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Appenzell, Switzerland

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ABOVE: Subcompact Appenzeller cattle are led to pasture.

Practical information

Reaching Appenzell

The most enjoyable way to reach Appenzell is via the Appenzeller Bahnen railroad from St. Gallen or Gossau, both of which are on the main railway line from Z¨rich. The narrow-gauge cogwheel trains zigzag their way through the green countryside, gaining several hundred feet in elevation during their short but leisurely journey.

If you're traveling by car, two-lane roads from Herisau or St. Gallen will take you to Appenzell.

Tours and excursions

In summer and fall, it's usually possible to book guided excursions in and around Appenzell. You can watch cheese being made, tour the Alpenbitter liqueur factory free of charge, and take a walking tour of the historic town center.


Appenzell has a number of pleasant, comfortable hotels in the town center. The Romantik Hotel Säntis, on the main square, may be the fanciest, but you're unlikely to go wrong in any of the hotels. (See link below.)

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You'll find a wealth of information at the local tourist office's site. Appenzell
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