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Switzerland with your dog
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Riding trains and buses

Dogs are generally allowed in Swiss trains, although the conductor can require that your pet travel in the baggage car if it barks incessantly or snarls at the other passengers. You'll need a half-fare second-class ticket for your dog, regardless of whether you're traveling first or second class.

Swiss postal buses and lake steamers also require half-fare tickets for dogs, as do most local trams and buses.

Aerial cablecars and funiculars normally allow pets, but there's no uniform policy (since mountain railways and cablecars are often privately owned). When in doubt, ask--and please don't take your dog on an open chair lift!

Shopping with your dog

Department stores seldom flinch if you bring Fido indoors. But for safety's sake, carry your dog on the escalators or use the elevators instead.

Smaller shops are usually dog-friendly, with the conspicuous exception of food stores. The latter often have tie-ups outside, and it isn't uncommon to see a water bowl for dogs outside a butcher shop or grocery store.

Out and about

You must keep your dog on a leash in public places. You're also required to clean up after your dog. Carry plastic bags with you, or use the disposal facilities in many public parks.

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