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ABOVE: A reduced-size version of an Aerial Venice close-up showing the Santa Maria della Salute Church and the Grand Canal.

Aerial Venice:

Explore Venice from the air before you visit the city and its lagoon.


Our Venice Orientation Map is a great way to see Venice from above, but if you aren't intimately familiar with the city's geography, zooming in on landmarks may leave you more confused than enlightened.

In this section of Venice for Visitors, we solve that problem with dedicated aerial photo maps of Venice's main attractions, monuments, bridges, transportation hubs, and other landmarks.

Each page has at least two large satellite images--typically an overview and a 45-degree close-up--with descriptions of what you'll see in the photos. We also link to related pages and articles whenever we can.

If you wish, you can:

  • Zoom in or out on a photo;

  • Switch from "Satellite" to "Map" or "Terrain" view.

  • Move the image around in its frame with your mouse.

To expore Aerial Venice at home--or while you're traveling--please go to our Index of Locations.

  • Please note: These pages are optimized for display on desktop computers, laptops, or large tablets. (Unlike most pages on our site, they aren't mobile-friendly.)

Aerial Venice: Index of Locations

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