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Campo Santa Margherita

The Campo Santa Margherita is one of our favorite squares in Venice, for several reasons:

  • It's attractive, with a streetscape that includes trees, a small water fountain, small shops, and human-scaled buildings that are historic without being imposing or pretentious. (You'll also find flower stalls, produce stands, and a fish market on the square.)

  • It's nearly always busy: During the day, the Campo Santa Margherita is occupied by tourists, grocery shoppers, elderly people with their dogs, mothers with babies, children kicking soccer balls or riding small bicycles, and students from the Istituto Venezia language school enjoying coffee or fresh air during their morning break.

  • At night, university students and other young adults congregate outside the many small bars that line the campo's periphery--often with their dogs. (Sometimes the crowds get too large for noise-sensitive neighborhood residents, but that's more of a problem for locals than for visitors.)

  • The Campo Santa Margherita is a great place for street food: Pizza al Volo does a steady business in slices and made-to-order pizzas from midday until late evening, while the kebab shop under the covered passage on the west side of the square may have the best Döner Kebab in Venice. We're also partial to the gelato di limone at Il Doge near the southeastern corner of the campo.

In the first satellite image below, you can see the Campo Santa Margherita as a grey patch in the middle of the photo. (Look for the name of the square along its left side.) The Piazzale Roma is in the upper left corner of the frame, the cruise port's San Basilio pier is on the lower left, and the Grand Canal wraps around a portion of the San Marco district (including the Campo San Stefano) on the right.

The lower photo shows the Campo Santa Margherita in close-up. You can see awnings over the fruit, vegetable, and fish stalls, trees, red park benches, and (on the right side) restaurant umbrellas. Note the deconsecrated church at the top of the frame: Its tower was chopped off for safety reasons in 1808, and the church itself was shut down in 1810. Today, the former Chiesa di Santa Margherita is an auditorium for the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, and its tower is a private house.

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