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Lido di Venezia

The Lido di Venezia (or simply the "Lido," in local parlance) is a long, narrow strip of island that separates the middle section of the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. (For more about the Lido, see our illustrated Lido di Venezia Travel Guide.)

In summer, the Lido is a popular beach resort. It's also a dormitory suburb for Venetians who want to to own houses or garden apartments near the city center, on an island where they can drive cars.

Most businesses, homes, and hotels are in the middle of the Lido, which is connected to Venice's centro storico by ACTV water bus and to the mainland via the No. 17 car ferry. This stretch of the Lido has a large public beach and is home to the Venice Film Festival. The Ancient Jewish Cemetery is also on the Lido. (The cemetery predates the Venetian Ghetto by 130 years.)

In the first aerial map below, you can see the upper half (more or less) of the Venetian Lagoon:

  • The mainland suburbs of Mestre and Marghera are on the left.

  • The historic center of Venice is in the middle, surrounded by water with the Ponte della Libertà connecting the city with the mainland.

  • The Lido di Venezia is on the right, between the Lagoon and the Adriatic.

The second image focuses on the central part of the Lido. On it, you'll see:

  • The tip of Venice's historic center (Sant'Elena) in the upper left corner.

  • Several small islands, including San Servolo (now home to a univesity campus) and the square island of San Lazzardo degli Armeni, which has been inhabited by a colony of Armenian monks for the last 300 years. (The monastery offers tours.)

  • The ACTV boat landing at Lido-San Nicolò (near the top of the frame, just above the word "Map"). This is used by car ferries from Tronchetto and by some Lagoon water buses.

  • The Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, which is the street that runs more or less horizontally across the Lido in the middle of the photo. This is the Lido's main shopping street. At one end, facing Venice, you'll find the main Lido waterbus station. At the other end, the street feeds into a public beach with a modern bathhouse and other amenities.

  • Farther down the row of beaches (many of which have private beach clubs behind them) are the Venice Film Festival's Palazzo della Mostra del Cinema and--almost at the bottom of the photo--the five-star Hotel Excelsior Venice. (The palatial Moorish-style hotel opened in 1908. It has a private beach facing the Adriatic and  offers its guests a free private boat service to the Piazza San Marco.)

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