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Alilaguna and Water Taxis
at Venice Marco Polo Airport

Alilaguna airport pier photo

ABOVE: An Alilaguna airport water bus awaits passengers at Venice's Marco Polo Airport. INSET BELOW: A Venice water taxi.

How to reach the boat piers from the arrivals terminal

Water taxi photoIt's easy to take an Alilaguna water bus or a water taxi from Marco Polo Airport to Venice. The tricky part is finding your way to the boat pier, which is some distance from the terminal on the edge of the Venetian Lagoon.

In the step-by-step directions below, you'll see photos and captions that show exactly how to reach the water-taxi and Alilaguna piers.

Boat ticket counter at VCE

Where to purchase tickets

  • Buy Alilaguna water bus tickets at the "public transportation" counter inside the arrivals terminal or at the booth near the pier (see below).  If you prefer, you can save a euro or two by ordering tickets online and exchanging your printed voucher for tickets at the airport.

  • You can hire a water taxi at the Consorzio Motoscafi desk in the arrivals terminal (immediately after exiting baggage and customs). The agent will give you a voucher, which you'll hand to the driver at the taxi pier.

For more information on Venice Marco Polo Airport water and ground transportation, click the links to related articles in the navigation table at the bottom of this page.

Finally, if you're arriving at Treviso Airport, which is used by Ryanair and several other budget airlines, see our article on Treviso Airport Buses.

Step-by-step directions to the boat piers

Step 1:

Alilaguna and water taxis sign

Look for signs that point you toward the boat piers.

Please note:

  • Alilaguna airport water buses and private water taxis are at the same location, so follow the same signs for both.

  • In this context, the word "vaporetto" refers to Alilaguna airport boats, not the ACTV public water buses that operate within the city of Venice.

Step 2:

luggage trolleys at Marco Polo Airport

Pick up a free luggage trolley if you need one. (Look for them as you leave the terminal.)

Step 3:

walkway at Marco Polo Airport

Covered walkway at Venice Marco Polo Airport

Pavement sign at Marco Polo Airport

Follow the covered walkways to the Alilaguna and water-taxi piers.  (In the future, when the airport's improvements are completed, a moving sidewalk will make the trip even easier.)

Step 4:

Aliguna ticket office at VCE

Alilaguna ticket machine at VCE

After  seven minutes or so, you'll reach an Alilaguna ticket office, where you can buy an airport waterbus ticket to Venice from the ticket office or a vending machine. (Tickets are also available at counters inside the terminal or from the Alilaguna Web site.)

Step 5 (water taxis):

Water taxi at Venice Marco Polo Airport

If you're going to Venice by private water taxi, continue past the Alilaguna ticket office to the row of numbered water-taxi piers.

Go to the pier indicated on the voucher that you received from the water-taxi counter inside the arrivals terminal. (A boat should be waiting for you.)

You'll need to hand your luggage to the driver, who'll stow it in the water taxi and help you board.

Step 5 (Alilaguna airport boats):

Alilaguna pier at Venice Marco Polo Airport

If you're traveling to Venice by Alilaguna water bus, continue past the water-taxi piers to the floating platform for Linea Blu, Linea Arancio, or (summer only) Linea Rossa.

When the water bus arrives, let disembarking passengers get off and wait for an Alilaguna employee to let you on the boat.

Step 6:

Alilaguna water bus at Venice Marco Polo Airport

As you board the boat, the Alilaguna crew may take your suitcases,  which you can collect when you disembark. Otherwise, stow your luggage in the boat's embarkation area behind the pilot.

Some Alilaguna boats have two cabins. The aft cabin is larger and has better views; the forward cabin is narrower and tapers toward the bow.

During the trip to Venice, you'll catch glimpses of islands in the Venetian Lagoon, passing water taxis, and--if you're lucky--an occasional fishing boat, rowboat, or barge.

Fondamente Nove photo

ABOVE: An Alilaguna Linea Blu boat collects passengers at the Fondamente Nove.

Step 7 - Returning from Venice:

If you took the Alilaguna boat from the airport to Venice, getting back to the airport will be easy: Just retrace your steps and catch a boat at the platform where you disembarked.

Otherwise, check our Venice Airport Boat article and the Alilaguna timetables to find the boat landing closest to your hotel, apartment, hostel, etc. Allow plenty of time to reach the boat landing.

If you need a ticket, look for a ticket booth at or near the boat landing. (Some stops have dedicated Alilaguna ticket windows; at others, you can buy Alilaguna tickets from ACTV ticket clerks or nearby tobacco shops or newsstands. If you're unable to buy a ticket, you can pay the ticket collector on the boat for a small surcharge.)

Updated April, 2016

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