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Breakfast room

Hotel Ai Due Fanali breakfast room

At the Hotel Ai Due Fanali, a buffet breakfast is included in your room rate. The breakfast room is on the third floor (or the fourth floor, if you use American numbering). Its large windows overlook the Campo San Simeon Grande.

In the photo above, you can see metal stairs behind a sliding glass door on the left side of the breakfast room. The stairs lead to a roof terrace ("altana" in Venetian dialect) where you can have breakfast or simply enjoy the view during the warmer months.

Hotel Ai Due Fanali breakfast buffet

At breakfast, the tables are covered in white tablecloths. A buffet offers juices, fresh fruits, ham, cheese, boiled eggs, and other items. (But don't expect scrambled eggs, omelets, bacon, or sausages.)

Hotel Ai Due Fanali breakfast breads and pastries

The woman in charge of the breakfast room will bring a basket of rolls, apricot-filled croissants, and Italian-style packaged toast to your table. If you need more, you're welcome to fetch them from the buffet.

Hotel Ai Due Fanali espresso machine

Coffee and hot milk are prepared with a traditional espresso machine and brought to your table.

View from Hotel Ai Due Fanali breakfast room

The breakfast room's panoramic windows offer lovely views. In this photo, you can see the Ca' Nigra Lagoon Resort and its gardens, where guests of the Ai Due Fanali are welcome to enjoy an outdoor café that overlooks the Grand Canal.

Roof terrace

Staircase to altana in Hotel Ai Due Fanali

This metal staircase leads upstairs to the roof terrace or altana. You'll need to carry your plate from the buffet up the stairs, but the woman in charge of the breakfast room will bring coffee and a bread basket to your table.

Altana or roof terrace in Venice

In this photo, which was taken on the roof terrace, you can see the tower of the Chiesa di San Simeone Profeta ("St. Simon the Prophet"), a 10th Century church that adjoins the hotel.

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