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(Note: The map below displays best on desktop computers, laptops, and high-resolution tablets such as the iPad or iPad Mini.)

Aerial Photo Map: Hotel and Cruise Port

In the custom Google satellite-photo map below, you'll see:

  • The main Marittima cruise basin in the center of the map (with several large ships moored). Just to its left is the Tronchetto parking island.

  • The San Basilio cruise pier on the Giudecca Canal (blue boat icon near lower right).

  • The Hilton Molino Stucky (dark red "H" icon, with an Alilaguna Blue Line airport-icon beneath).

  • The Piazzale Roma (Venice's arrival point for buses and taxis) just above and to the right of the Marittima cruise terminal with icons for the People Mover and airport buses.

  • The Santa Lucia Railroad Station at top right.

Tip: You can zoom and drag the map for better views.

Cruise pier icon Vaporetto stop icon People Mover tram icon Taxi icon Airport bus or boat icon Railroad station icon Hilton Molino Stucky icon
Cruise pier Vaporetto People Mover Taxis Airport Bus or Boat Railroad Station Hilton Molino Stucky

Check lowest rates, reviews, and availability for the Hilton Molino Stucky:

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