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Venice Islands Tour

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Clamming in the Venetian Lagoon

ABOVE: Clammers hunt for shellfish on the tidal flats of the Venetian Lagoon. (This photo was taken from the boat between P. Sabbioni and the Lido.)

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Public transportation

Vaporetto Routes
Venice's waterbus system is more Byzantine than St. Mark's Cathedral. This article and route table will make the vaporetti and motoscafi network less confusing.

Venice Vaporetto and Bus Fares
Single-trip boat fares are outrageous, but you can save money with a 12-hour to 7-day tourist travel card.

Venice Card
Enjoy unlimited travel on public transportation (including airport boats) plus other benefits such as free use of public toilets, local discounts, and admission to leading museums.

Vaporetto Sights and Sound
Photos and descriptions of Venice's water buses, plus a sound recording of a vaporetto's arrival and departure.

Sightseeing in the Venetian Lagoon

The Venetian Lagoon
Venice isn't just palaces, churches, and art museums. The city sits in the middle of a lagoon that is rich in wildlife and tradition.

Murano, the Glass Island
In 1296, the glassblowers of Venice moved to an island called Murano. Seven hundred years later, their descendants are still turning sand into gold.

To Die in Venice
When you gotta go, you gotta go--and dead Venetians have been going to the island cemetery of San Michele for nearly 200 years.

La Certosa
This tiny island just off Venice's northeastern tip has a yachting center and marina, an 18-room hotel with an outdoor terrace for dining or drinks, and 22 hectares (54 acres) of green space where children and dogs can run free.

San Lazzaro degli Armeni
35 monks, seminarians, and Armenian students live on a monastery island that once served as a leper colony.

Venice to Chioggia
Chioggia, a busy fishing port at the southern tip of the Venetian lagoon, is an hour and a half from Venice by bus and ferry.

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