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Venice Islands Tour

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Vaporetto at Punta Sabbioni

ABOVE: A human, a dog, and a hand cart disembark from a motoscafo at Treporti.

Return-trip options

From Torcello or Burano, you'll have several transportation choices for the journey back to Venice:

  • Continue on the 12 to Treporti and Punta Sabbioni, which are commuter suburbs on the peninsula that separates the northern reaches of the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic. Stay with the 12 route to the Lido (see next page) and either get off to explore this popular resort island or stay on the boat until the end of the line at Venezia Pietà near the Piazza San Marco.

  • Skip the Lido and take the 12 directly back to Fondamenta Nove in Venice. (This is the boat you arrived on, headed in the reverse direction. Stay on the boat when you reach Murano; there's no need to change lines.)

Please note:

  • If you take the 12 to the Lido or Venezia Pietà as recommended in the first option above, you'll normally have to change to a larger two-deck boat at Punta Sabbioni. (You may also need to change boats in Treporti, depending on the time of day.) The boat transfers are easy, and you're unlikely to make a mistake. Travel time averages 1 hour 5 minutes to the Lido and another 14 minutes to Venezia Pietà.

  • From Treporti, another option is to catch a 13 boat to Fondamenta Nove in Venice. This route includes stops at the vegetable-farming islands of Sant'Erasmo and Vignole (once known as "the island of the seven vines" and a popular vacation spot in the heyday of the Venetian Republic). The boat then continues to Venice by way of Murano.

    You can get off the 13 boat at Sant'Erasmo or Vignole, but be prepared to kill time if you do, since the 13 doesn't run very often. (A few boats stop at the former pilgrims' and plague victims' island of Lazzaretto Nuovo if arrangements are made in advance.) Travel time is 15 minutes from Burano to Treporti plus 1 hour 7 minutes from Treporti to Venice's Fondamenta Nove. There isn't much to do at the park-and-ride station in Treporti, so plan your trip carefully to avoid a long layover.

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