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Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo

from: Fisheye Venice


The Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, on the border of Canneregio and Castello, is home to two major institutions: The Santi Giovanni e Paolo Church (the brick building on the right side of the photo) and, just beyond it, the modern Ospedale Civile or Public Hospital. (The hospital runs all the way from the square to the Fondamenta Nove and is mostly hidden from view behind the Scuola Grande di San Marco with its over-the-top 15th Century façade.)

The Giovanni e Paolo church, called  "San Zanipolo" in Venetian dialect, is well worth visiting: It's one of Venice's largest and most beautiful churches, and 25 doges are entombed within its walls, floors, and monuments.

The square is also home to a well-known café and pastry shop, but be forewarned: Tour groups frequent the café, and the gelato portions are among the stingiest in Venice.

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