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ABOVE: An ACTV inspector checks a passenger's ticket.

ACTV ticket readerACTV really wants you to have a ticket that you've swiped against an electronic reader before you board. It's now illegal to be on a waterbus platform without a validated ticket, and stations are gradually being upgraded with paddle-style gates to encourage compliance.

ACTV ticket machinesOn a busy boat, the sailors who let passengers on and off don't have time to deal with fares and tickets, so you should always buy a ticket or Tourist Travel Card ahead of time if you can.

tabacchi sign in VeniceIf a vaporetto station doesn't have a ticket booth or machine, look for a nearby tabacchi shop (marked with a white "T" on a blue background) or a newsstand that sells ACTV tickets.

Still, there may be emergencies when you can't buy a ticket before boarding. When that's the case, here's what you can do--at least in theory (but read our "important warning" first):

For more information on ACTV tickets and fares, see our Vaporetto Fares article.

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