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From: Venice Waterbus Stops

Zattere consists of two ACTV vaporetto platforms and a separate Alilaguna airport-boat pontoon roughly midway along the Zattere, a pedestrian promenade on the north side of Venice's Giudecca Canal.

You can buy ACTV tickets and Tourist Travel Cards from a vending machine by one of the platforms or at the newsstand in the photo below. Alilaguna has a ticket booth by its pier.

Zattere ACTV stop and newsstand

Attractions in the neighborhood include the Santa Maria della Visitazione Church, the Santa Maria del Rosario (Gesuati) Church, and the Gallerie dell'Accademia art museum, which is only a short walk inland from the ACTV and Alilaguna stops.

 The Zattere boat platforms are served by:

Look for your route number before boarding, and remember that Alilaguna airport boats arrive and depart at their own pontoon just east of the Gesuati church.

Walking directions to hotels near Alilaguna's pier at Zattere:

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