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ACTV Ticket Machines (2020)

How to buy vaporetto tickets in Venice

By Durant Imboden

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ACTV, Venice's public-transportation authority, has installed multilingual ticket-vending machines at many waterbus stops. Some of the machines are replacing manned ticket booths, while others are being used to supplement human ticket vendors.

From a traveler's point of view, the new ticket machines have two benefits:


ABOVE: A ticket-vending machine has replaced the manned biglietteria at Venice's Zattere vaporetto stop.

Although the machines look intimidating, they're fairly simple to use if you know what kind of ticket you want to buy. (One annoyance: As far as we can tell, there's no way to buy more than one ticket per transaction.)

On this page, we offer step-by-step instructions on how to use the new machines. To get started, go to Step 1 below.

Note: Some ACTV machines are programmed differently from others, so you may find slight variations in screen options.

Step 1:


Before you touch the vending machine's interactive screen, decide what kind of ticket you need. Your options are shown in a table on the machine:

 Types of ACTV tickets

Unless you've bought the Venezia Unica stored-value photo card (which is used mostly by commuters and long-term visitors), you'll be interested in the tickets identified by white or paper-ticket icons. These options include:

Note: These tickets are valid only for ACTV transportation. (You can't use them on the Alilaguna airport boat.)

For more information on travel by ACTV public water bus, see our articles on Venice Vaporetto Routes and Venice Vaporetto Fares.

Step 2:


Once you've decided what kind of ACTV ticket to buy, touch the interactive screen to begin your purchase.

Step 3:


Touch the next screen to choose a language: Italian, French, Spanish, English, or German.

Step 4:


Using the touch screen, choose "Water services" if you're buying a ticket for a vaporetto or motoscafo water bus.

Step 5:


Tap the menu item for the type of ticket you want to buy (either a Tourist Travel Card or a single vaporetto ticket that's valid for 60 minutes in one direction).

Step 6:


After you've chosen  your ticket type, a screen will show how much you owe.


Step 7:


Use a credit card, debit card, euro coins, or euro banknotes to pay for your ticket.

Once you've paid, the machine will print your ticket and deliver it (with a receipt and and any change that's due) in the slot below the touch screen and payment panel.

Note: If you've bought a carnet and the machine dispenses only one ticket such as the one shown here, don't worry: Your "biglietto ricaricabile" (rechargeable ticket) is a stored-value card that holds multiple fares.

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