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Arriving in Venice by Ship

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Stazione Marittima photo

ABOVE: Silversea's Silver Whisper is moored at the main Marittima terminal.

Venice cruise terminal

San Basilio photoMost cruise ships arrive at either the Marittima terminal buildings (see photo above) or the secondary San Basilio pier (inset photo) and its adjacent Santa Marta pier, which cater mostly to smaller cruise ships and river vessels.

River boats and hotel barges often moor overnight on the Riva dei Sette Martiri or waterfront promenade next to Venice's public gardens above the Piazza San Marco. This is a great location, since you can easily walk along the water to the Piazza San Marco in about 15 minutes without getting lost.

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Finally, if you're arriving on an Anek Line ferry from Greece or a catamaran from Croatia or Slovenia, you'll disembark in the same general area of the port that's used by cruise ships.

(The car-passenger ferry pier is between Marittima and the Tronchetto parking island; catamarans arrive and depart at San Basilio.)

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