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Arriving in Venice by Train

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Venice Santa Lucia Station photo

ABOVE: A local train approaches Santa Lucia Station from the causeway to the mainland.

Venice Santa Lucia Station

Train photoMany domestic and international trains discharge passengers at the Stazione Ferroviaria Santa Lucia, an incongruously modern but efficient railway station in the historic center, next to the causeway that leads to the mainland.

As you leave the station's main entrance, head toward the floating waterbus platforms.

Buy a ticket before boarding the No. 1 vaporetto, which makes stops all along the Grand Canal, or the No. 2 express boat (formerly the No. 82) to San Marco. Be sure you're going in the right direction--i.e., toward San Marco unless you're staying in one of the outlying districts.

Another (and much more expensive) option is to take a water taxi to your hotel.

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Venice Mestre Station

Regione del Veneto photoNot all trains come into the historic center: Some through trains merely stop at the mainland station of Venezia Mestre as they pass Venice on their way to points north and south.

If your train doesn't continue into the city, you'll need to change to a local train in Mestre for the short trip to Venezia Santa Lucia. Trains run frequently, and the trip takes only 10 to 12 minutes. For details, click the "Mestre to Venice by Train" link below.

Also, many tourists (especially those with cars) use Mestre as a base for travel to Venice, since hotel rooms are cheaper on the mainland and parking is easier. If you plan to commute from Mestre, please see:

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