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Venezia Unica Pass
(for frequent users)

By Durant Imboden

imob Cartavenezia travel cards

ABOVE: Front and back of an imob.venezia stored-value travel card, which has been rebranded as "Venezia Unica."

The price of a single vaporetto ticket in Venice is outrageous if you're a casual tourist: You'll pay a whopping €7,50, which is more than the cost of a pizza margherita in some restaurants.

The local transit authority's Venice Tourist Travel Cards are worth considering if you you're in Venice for a short time and plan to use the boats frequently, but they're expensive overkill for longer stays.

Fortunately, there's another alternative: the "frequent users" version of the Venezia Unicastored-value city pass and travel card. This card replaces the imob.venezia card (shown in the photo below) and its predecessor, the CartaVenezia.

Although this pass is intended primarily for residents of the Venice region, non-residents can buy it for a fee.

 As a non-resident, you'll pay €50 for the "frequent users" version of Venezia Unica, but your card will be valid for five years, and you'll be able to add stored-value fares to the card whenever you're in Venice. (Technically, the card itself is free, but there's an "ACTV activation fee" of €40 for the waterbus or "navigation" network and €10 to use land buses and trams, or €50 overall.)

With this stored-value card, you can save money in either of two ways:

Other cardholder benefits:

You can use the Venezia Unica card for public transportation on ACTV water buses (vaporetti) and the People Mover elevated tramway (which connects the Piazzale Roma with the Marittima cruise terminals and the Tronchetto parking island).

Venezia Unica also entitles you to a discount of about 50 percent on Alilguna airport boats and an even bigger discount on traghetto gondola ferries across the Grand Canal.

Where to buy a Venezia Unica card:

You can apply for a Venezia Unica card at larger Hellovenezia ticket offices and licensed agents.  We suggest using the main Hellovenezia/ACTV office at the Piazzale Roma, where you'll find a ticket counter inside the building.

On page 2, we provide illustrated step-by-step instructions for buying the Venezia Unica card at the main Hellovenezia office (a.k.a. the ACTV ticket office) in Venice's Piazzale Roma.

If you already have an imob.venezia card:

You can have your imob.venezia card enabled as a "Venezia Unica" card by signing a contract at any licenced Hellovenezia office or ticket point.

Using the card:

Simply swipe the card on the electronic ticket reader at any ACTV waterbus stop and listen for the confirmation "beep."

For more information:

Go to the official Venezia Unica Web site and see the "Venezia Unica City Pass for frequent users" page.

For a list of Venezia Unica discount fares, go to the ACTV's "Fares" page and scroll down to the "Venezia Unica City Pass" section.

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