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Imobber - Venice Ticket Reader

If you have an Android phone with an NFC chip, Andrea Fontana's free app will let you see how many rides are left (or how much time remains) on your ACTV vaporetto and bus tickets.

imobber screen capture 1

ABOVE: This Imobber screen capture shows the fares stored on an ACTV ticket.


Like many transit systems, ACTV--Venice's boat and bus network--has switched from traditional paper tickets to stored-value cards that can hold fares for multiple trips. And while this is convenient in some ways, it does make it harder to keep track of how many rides you have left and when the fare for your current ride expires.

White ACTV ticket readerOne way to check the status of your ticket is to use the card reader at any ACTV boat stop. (Just be careful to press the "?" key if you're using the standard white-and-grey reader, or you may waste a fare.)

The green ticket readers at larger ACTV stops are safer to use, since they don't validate tickets--they merely show the stored fares.

If you have an Android smartphone with an NFC chip, you now have an even more convenient option: Imobber, an Android app by Andrea Fontana. With the free app, you can just hold the ticket near your phone, and the app will display everything you need to know about the fares on your ticket by type, such as:

You can also use the app to check how much time is left on your 12-hour to 7-day ACTV Tourist Travel Card.

"If you have a bus ticket or two or three, you can test them only when you're inside the bus. There's no machine at the bus stop to check them. And if you're inside the bus, it could be too late to discover that your ticket is empty! Some people attach Post-It notes to their tickets to remember the fare types and how many rides are left."

Where to get the app:

To install the free Imobber app, go to the Imobber - Venice Ticket Reader page at the Google Play store.

Screen captures © Andrea Fontana.

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