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Paola Salvato

A licensed Venice tourist guide

Paola Salvato

ABOVE: Paola Salvato on a pier near Venice. INSET BELOW: Paola at the captain's dinner on La Bella Vita and at a vendor's stall in the Chioggia Fish Market.

By Durant Imboden

Paola Salvato on LA BELLA VITAIf you're looking for a private or group tour guide in Venice, Paola Salvato should be on your short list of candidates.

Paola speaks four languages (English, Italian, French, and German), and she's licensed to lead group tours and visits to local landmarks such as the Basilica di San Marco in Italian, French, and German.

Paola Salvato in ChioggiaWe met Paola in May, 2013, when she was our tour leader during a six-night cruise from Venice to Mantua on the European Waterways hotel barge La Bella Vita.

We were impressed by three things:

Venice has many capable licensed and unlicensed tour guides (we list several on our Tours and Excursions page), but after a week on a barge with Paola Salvato, we feel comfortable in giving her a top recommendation based on our own personal experience.

Paola doesn't have a Web site, but you can reach her by e-mail at:

Credit: The JavaScript e-mail link on this page is adapted from a free script at JoeMaller.com.

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