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Transportation from
the Venice Cruise Port

Silversea ship at San Basilio pier in Venice

ABOVE: This photo of a Silversea ship at the San Basilio pier was taken from the top deck of MSC Poesia at the Stazione Marittima. (The two terminal areas are only a short distance from each other.)

By Durant Imboden

In another Venice for Cruisers article, we describe Transportation to the Port of Venice, a.k.a. getting to your ship. This article is about something different: how to reach Marco Polo Airport or Venice's city center after disembarking from a cruise ship.

First, an overview:

Now for an important warning:

On the following pages, you'll find detailed advice on ground transportation from the Stazione Marittima, San Basilio, and Sette Martiri cruise piers. Also see our More Resources page, which will point you to other useful transportation articles at Venice for Visitors.

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Transportation from the Venice Cruise Port
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