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Tronchetto Parking Garage

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Actv Tronchetto stop

ABOVE: You can't miss the ACTV ticket booth and vaporetto platforms: They're on the water, facing the Venice Cruise Terminal.

Reaching the city by water bus

The No. 2 vaporetto, or public water bus, connects the island of Tronchetto with other parts of Venice. It runs year-round in two directions:

Actv signTo buy vaporetto tickets, follow the "ACTV" signs to the brick building on the waterfront; go through the opening to the pier, where you'll find a ticket office. (If the ticket office is closed, try the Tabacchi or newsstand/cigarette shop next to the toilets and bar.)

For more information about public transportation in Venice, see our articles on vaporetto routes and vaporetto fares.

People Mover

Tronchetto People Mover signAn automated airport-style "People Mover" between Tronchetto and the Piazzale Roma opened in spring, 2010. It's quick, and it's much cheaper than the water buses. See our Venice People Mover article for how-to information, photos, and videos. 

Water taxis

Venice water taxiIf you prefer a water taxi, use only the licensed water taxis at the pier next to the Actv stop, and be prepared to pay handsomely for the convenience. (See our Venice water taxis article for more information.)

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