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From: Venice Vaporetto Routes

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The tables on this page show public waterbus routes that are of most interest to tourists. Unless otherwise indicated, boats are operated by Venice's public-transit authority, ACTV. (Thanks to Brendan Fox for his suggestions regarding the tables below.)

Please note:

Line numbers:

City Center

The No. 1 local line (see Vaporetto Line 1 - Grand Canal) zigzags between 20 stations on its way from the Piazzale Roma to the Lido. It's popular with tourists because it offers a leisurely tour of the Grand Canal and offers a quick way to get from one side of the canal to the other. But its open decks tend to be jammed from mid-March through October and on weekends.
  • Tip: To avoid crowds of daytrippers, take the No. 1 toward San Marco late in the evening.
This semi-express line runs from San Zaccaria (just above the Piazza San Marco) through the Giudecca Canal to the Piazzale Roma, and the railway station. During the day, boats continue up the Grand Canal to Rialto, with a smaller number continuing to San Marco (Giardinetti). 
  • Note: This line also runs in the opposite direction, so read the placards or electronic signs before boarding.
Linea 2/ is separate from Linea 2. It runs between Piazzale Roma, Ferrovia, and Rialto (or vice versa) and is a convenient way to reach hotels in the Rialto Bridge area from airport buses, taxis, and the railroad station.

Circolare (Circular) Routes

No. 4.1 is a counterclockwise circolare route that runs from Fondamente Nove to the San Michele cemetery, Murano, the railroad station, Piazzale Roma, Giudecca, San Zaccaria, then back to the Fondamente Nove and Murano with more than two dozen stops along the way.

No. 4.2 covers the same route in a clockwise direction.

  • Note: Early in the morning and late in the evening, the routes are abbreviated. See the timetables at the boat stops or the Actv Web site for details.

Motoscafi lines 5.1 and 5.2 cover the same route in two directions:.

No. 5.1 is a counterclockwise route that connects the Lido to Fondamente Nove, on the northern or lagoon side of Venice's historic center. From there, it continues through the Cannaregio Canal to the railway station and Piazzale Roma before heading up the Giudecca Canal and continuing on to San Zaccaria, Giardini, and S. Elena on its way back to the Lido.

No. 5.2 is a clockwise route that serves the same stops.

  • Note: Early in the morning and late in the evening, the routes are abbreviated. See the timetables at the boat stops or the Actv Web site for details.

No. 6 runs from Piazzale Roma to the Lido via the Giudecca Canal with stops at Zattere, Giardini Biennale, and S. Elena. (Boats also go in the opposite direction.) It runs seven days a week during the main tourist season; before late May and after early September, it doesn't operate on Sundays.

The "Diretto Murano" boat service connects the Piazzale Roma and the railroad station to the five boat stops on the glassmaking island of Murano.

This small-boat passenger ferry runs between Burano and Torcello.

Seasonal Routes (spring to early fall)

The No. 7 water bus runs from San Zaccaria (platform "D") to several stops on the glassmaking island of Murano.
Linea 10 operates between the Lido SME and Zattere via San Marco Giardinetti.
Boats of Linea 18 connect Murano with the agricultural island of Sant'Erasmo and the Lido di Venezia. Service is infrequent, and the line operates only during a short period each summer.

Lagoon Routes (Burano, Torcello, etc.)

From the Fondamente Nove, widebodied vaporetto-style boats run to Murano, Torcello, Mazzorbo, Burano, Treporti, and Punta Sabbioni. These are the boats you'll ride if you take our do-it-yourself Venice islands tour, which uses public transportation and is far cheaper than guided tours.
Boats on this line depart from San Zaccaria Pietà above the Piazza San Marco, go to the Lido, and continue to Punta Sabbioni in the Venetian Lagoon. Like route 22 (see below), route 14 is convenient for guests at campgrounds near Punta Sabbioni.
Line 15 is identical to Line 14, minus the Lido stop. (It's a direct express service between Venice and Punta Sabbioni or vice versa.)
Linea 22 runs from Punta Sabbioni to Ospedale, Fondamente Nove, and Tre Archi (Cannaregio Canal) in Venice's historic center. Service is extremely limited, but the boat is worth considering if you're staying at a campground on Punta Sabbioni and want to catch a boat for Venice early in the morning.
No. 20 connects San Zaccaria with the islands of San Servolo and San Lazzaro degli Armeni, where the Armenian monks offer a monastery tour.
This off-the-beaten-path motoscafo line starts at Fondamente Nove in Venice, stops in Murano, and then calls at the untouristed islands of Vignole, Lazzaretto, and San Erasmo. Some boats continue to the commuter park-and-ride lot at Treporti. Boats also run in the return direction.
This route offers a coordinated autobus and waterbus service from the Lido to Pellestrina and Chioggia. See our Venice to Chioggia article.

Car Ferry

17 No. 17 is an automobile and passenger ferry between Venice's Tronchetto parking island and the Lido di Venezia.

Night routes

N The ACTV runs special "Night Routes" that offer abbreviated services during the wee hours. For details, visit www.actv.it.

Special routes

Terminal Fusina runs two pedestrian boat lines from its parking lot at Fusina, on the mainland to the south of the Mestre-Marghera industrial zone. One line (16, Linea Fusina-Venezia) connects with Zattere (on the Giudecca Canal, side of Dorsoduro. The other (Linea Venezia-Alberoni) runs to the Lido's Alberoni beach.
Linea Clodia leaves Chioggia for Venice in the morning, with return service to Chioggia in late afternoon. It's useful if you're staying in Chioggia or the resort of Sottomarina and want to make a day trip into Venice.
See our Venice Airport Boat article for information on Alilaguna, which connects Marco Polo Airport to the city center, Murano, the Lido di Venezia, and the Marittima cruise terminal.

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