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Venice Santa Croce launderette

ABOVE: The Orange laundromat in Santa Croce is across the Scalzi bridge from Venice Santa Lucia Railroad Station.

Santa Croce laundromat

Orange Laundromat Santa Croce VeniceThe Orange Self-Service Lavanderia in Santa Croce is a short walk from Venice's railroad station. It's open from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. every day of the year.

OrangeSelf-Service LavanderiaThe laundromat has 8-kg and 18-kg washers and large dryers. Instructions are in five languages, and a wash takes 30 minutes.

The Miti café and cocktail bar is two doors down. In nice weather, you can sit at an outdoor table across from the cafĂ© and keep an eye on the laundromat while your clothes get washed. A snack bar that sells pizza by the slice is also nearby.

Here's how to reach the laundromat, which is between the station and the Frari Church:

From the railroad station:

As you exit the station, turn left and walk the short distance to the Ponte dei Scalzi, the big stone bridge that crosses the Grand Canal. Go over the bridge.

Turn right after crossing the bridge and walk a few meters to the blue refreshment stand at the next corner, just before a domed church.

Orange LaundromatTurn left at the refreshment stand, walk a short block, and turn right at the Ramo de le Chioverete. You'll see the laundromat straight ahead on your left at the next corner.

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