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Venice Vaporetto Fares (2020)

Actv photo

ABOVE: An ACTV motoscafo in the Cannaregio Canal.

The fares listed in the table below are for visitors to Venice and its suburbs. Prices for single boat trips are shockingly (some might say "obscenely") high, so consider buying a one- to seven-day Tourist Travel Card, a Venezia Unica pass for long-term visitors and residents if you'll be in the city for a while, or--less desirably--a Venice Connected pass for tourists.

For tips on where and how to obtain tickets, see our articles about Buying Vaporetto Tickets and ACTV Ticket Machines.


Money-saving tip:

Water and Land Bus Fare Tables

Actv Boat Tickets  
Adult standard one-way fare
Biglietto di corsa semplice
(Good for 75 minutes after validation on all routes of the Venice transportation network except the Alilaguna, Fusina, and Clodia lines. You can use more than one line to reach your destination, but return trips during the 75 minutes are not allowed.)

Children's fares: Under 6 free, full price for children 6 and older.

Limited one-way non-resident's ferry or "traghetto ordinario" ticket
(Valid only for traveling between certain stops: Lido S.M.E.-Sant'Elena-Giardini, San Marco-San-Zaccaria-San Servolo, San Marco-San Zaccaria-San-Giorgio, Zattere-Palanca, Murano Colonna-Cimetero-Fondamente Nove.)
€5 one-way
€10 roundtrip
Disabled fare
Valid for 75 minutes; limited to passengers in wheelchairs. A companion may travel free.
Roundtrip beach ticket (Lido di Venezia)
This return ticket is valid on Line 14. You can take the motonave (a large multi-deck waterbus) to the Lido SME station from either Venice San Zaccaria (above the Piazza San Marco) or Punta Sabbioni. Once you're on the Lido, you can use the ticket to ride local buses.
Multi-Day Tourist Travel Cards (boats and buses)  
One-Day Travel Card
Biglietto un giorno
€20,-- *
Two-Day Travel Card
Biglietto due giorni
€30,-- *
Three-Day Travel Card
Biglietto tre giorni
€40,-- *
Seven-Day Travel Card
Biglietto sette giorni
€60,-- *
Three-day Young Person's Travel Card
Biglietto tre giorni giovani
(Valid 72 hours after swiping; to buy this card, you'll need a Rolling Venice Card for travelers between the ages of 6 and 29, which you can purchase at any ACTV ticket counter or branch of the Venice Tourist Office for €6,--.
Venezia Unica Tourist Pass
This pass (formerly the Venice Connected Card) offers an a la carte package of transportation, admissions, and other tourist services with a frustratingly byzantine pricing scheme.
See Venezia Unica Tourist Pass article
Venezia Unica Card for Regular Users
This stored-value card costs €100 for non-residents, but it's valid for five years and lets you buy vaporetto tickets at cheap residents' rates. (It also gives you a big discount on Alilaguna airport-boat fares.)
See Venezia Unica for regular users article
* For an additional €6 (one-way) or €12 (roundtrip), you can travel between Venice's Piazzale Roma and Marco Polo Airport on the ACTV's No. 5 Aerobus. (This bus is less comfortable than the ATVO airport coach on the same route.)
Land Buses (Lido and Mainland), Trams, and People Mover  
Standard bus, tram, or People Mover ticket
Biglietto di corsa semplice
(Valid for 75 minutes of urban travel in one direction by any number of bus lines. Bus tickets and carnets are also valid on the People Mover and trams.)
(€3 if purchased on board)
Standard 10-ticket bus/tram/People Mover carnet
No. 5 "Aerobus" (Marco Polo Airport - Piazzale Roma) €8,-- one-way
€15,-- return
Aerobus + Nave
Valid for the ACTV No. 5 "Aerobus" between Marco Polo Airport and the Piazzale Roma, with a connecting ride on an ACTV water bus.
Local Chioggia bus ticket
Biglietto di corsa semplice
(Valid in and around Chioggia, at the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon)
10-ticket bus carnet for Chioggia

For more fare information--including conference cards, football tickets, and other special fares--please see the English-language pages at the Web site of ACTV, Venice's transit authority.

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