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ATVO bus at Venice Marco Polo Airport

ABOVE: An ATVO bus at Venice's Marco Polo Airport.

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ATVO "Venezia Express" bus to Piazzale Roma

ATVO electronic sign at Marco Polo AirportThe ATVO coach from Marco Polo Airport to Venice Piazzale Roma costs €8,00 each way, or €15,00 for a round trip. It's by far your most convenient option if you're able to climb a few steps when boarding, since the coach has a luggage compartment underneath where you can stow your bags.

The ATVO stops are located on a strip of sidewalk between two vehicle lanes outside the arrivals and baggage-claim area. Look for the No. 2 stop ("Venezia Piazzale Roma" or "Venezia Express"), which is to the left of door D as you exit the terminal.

ATVO ticket machine at Venice Marco Polo AirportAt Venice Marco Polo airport, you can buy tickets in several locations:

You can also order tickets online for specific dates only from the ATVO's Web site, with a discount for your advance purchase if you order two tickets or more.

When ordering online, you'll receive an e-mail with a PDF booking confirmation. Print out the PDF file or the e-mail and use it as your ticket when boarding.

Travel time to the Piazzale Roma is 20 minutes, and the bus has free Wi-Fi.

 For more information, including timetables in PDF format and online ticket purchasing, see the ATVO Web site's Venice Airport pages. Choose "Venice Marco Polo Airport - Venice Piazzale Roma (express service)."


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