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Walking directions to Hotel Antica Locanda Sturion (with map)

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Hotels Antica Locanda Sturion and Locanda Ovidius

The Antica Locanda Sturion shares a building with another three-star hotel, the Locanda Ovidius, alongside the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge.

The locanda has been in business for centuries, but its 11 rooms offer plenty of modern conveniences, including iPads that can be checked out at the reception desk.

You can even request a gluten-free breakfast--something that wasn't available when the inn began operating in the days of the doges.

How to reach the Antica Locanda Sturion from the Rialto airport-boat stop:

Antica Locanda Sturion map directions

  1. Take the Alilaguna Linea Arancio boat from the airport to Rialto.

  2. As you leave the boat stop at Rialto, turn left and walk to the low bridge just ahead of you.

  3. Cross the bridge, walk through the arcaded passage, and continue straight ahead to the Rialto Bridge.

  4. Cross the Rialto Bridge to the other side of the Grand Canal. (We suggest using the bridge's center staircase, which is easier to navigate with luggage than the narrow and often crowded stairs by the water.)

  5. At the bottom of the bridge, turn left immediately and walk along the water to the Calle del Sturion.

  6. Turn right into the Calle del Sturion, where you'll see the hotel entrance.

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.
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