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Walking directions to Hotel Danieli (with map)

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Hotel Danieli

Hotel Danieli lobbyThe name "Hotel Danieli" is synonymous with the phrase "Venice luxury hotel."

The oldest of the Danieli's three buildings is a 14th Century waterfront palazzo that was built for the Dandolo family, which produced three Doges (heads of state) during the heyday of the Venetian Republic.

Today, nearly two centuries after the palace's conversion into a hotel, the Danieli has a loyal following among the rich and famous (as well as the merely rich).

If you can afford the hotel's rates--and especially if you get a room or suite with a Lagoon view--you're likely to be rewarded by a memorable experience.

How to reach the Hotel Danieli from the Alilaguna Linea Blu pier at San Zaccaria:

Hotel Danieli map directions

  1. As you leave the Alilaguna Linea Blu waterbus landing, head to your left, toward the stone bridge.

  2. Cross the bridge.

  3. The Hotel Danieli's main entrance is in the rose-colored palazzo just beyond the bridge.

From the Marittima cruise terminals:

  1. Take the Alilaguna Blue Line airport-boat from the cruise basin to the San Zaccaria stop.

  2. Follow the directions above.

From the San Basilio cruise pier:

  1. Leave the cruise terminal by the main doors and walk to the wooden bridge.

  2. Cross the bridge and walk a few meters to the vaporetto stop.

  3. Board a No. 2 water bus in the direction of San Zaccaria.

  4. Get off at San Zaccaria, turn left as you leave the boat station, and follow the directions above.

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.
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