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Accessible Hotels near
the Piazza San Marco

From: Accessible Hotels in Venice

Hotel San Zulian, Venikce

ABOVE: A summer street scene in front of the Hotel San Zulian near the Piazza San Marco.

San Marco Giardinetti, a pier near the western end of the Piazza San Marco, is a major stop for two types of water buses:

From the wheelchair-accessible boat piers, you can easily reach the hotels in the list below without having to cross any footbridges. Just as important, you'll be able to get from your hotel to the Piazza San Marco (the hub of Venice's main tourist district) over level ground. And when you're ready to go farther afield, you can easily board a vaporetto at San Marco Giardinetti to reach the city's important areas, museums, and monuments.

North of the Piazza San Marco:

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