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Lido di Venezia (Venice Lido)

In summer, Venice's Lido is a popular Adriatic beach resort, but it's a convenient (and inexpensive) place to stay at any time of year.

Pizza on a beach of the Lido di Venezia

ABOVE: On a warm Saturday in May, tourists and locals enjoy pizza on the Lido di Venezia's public beach.

By Durant Imboden

The Lido di Venezia--or simply the "Lido," in local parlance--is a barrier island that separates the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.

By vaporetto or public water bus, the Lido is only a few minutes from Venice's historic center, which makes it popular as a dormitory suburb of Venice and a summer resort for tourists.

As a visitor, you may find the Lido appealing for several reasons:

In this 13-page guide, we'll cover the Lido's high points and offer advice on topics such as hotels, transportation, and what to do during your stay.

To get started, go to page 2, where we'll give you an overview of the Lido di Venezia and its location in the Venetian Lagoon. Or use the menu below:

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In this Lido travel guide:
Lido di Venezia - Introduction
Layout and orientation
Getting to the Lido
Lido to Venice by waterbus
Hotels: Lido's main street
Villa and resort hotels
Restaurants and food
Beaches and recreation
Photos: Transportation
Photos: General scenes
Photos: Beaches
Lido map

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