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Places to Stay - General

  • Where to Stay in Switzerland
    Tips on hotels, guesthouses, private rooms, apartments, villas, chalets, campgrounds, and youth hostels, with links.

  • Swiss Hotel Rooms
    Switzerland's beds and bedding aren't designed for hanky-panky, and the toilets can be tricky.

  • Swiss and Austrian Hostels
    On a budget? Stay at 160+ comfortable hostels that cater to individuals, families, and groups of all ages.

Hotel Reviews

  • H�tel Palafitte - Neuch�tel, Switzerland
    High tech, high style, and "sustainable architecture" converge in the only European hotel that's built over water.

  • Riffelalp Resort Zermatt
    More than 40 years after the legendary Riffelalp Grand Hotel was destroyed by fire, a new and more intimate resort hotel occupies its site on a mountain plateau overlooking the Matterhorn and Zermatt, Switzerland.

  • Affordable Z�rich Hotels
    A guide to three Z�rich hotels in the medium price range: the Franziskaner, the Du Th��tre, and the Limmathof.