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Privacy and Cookies

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ABOVE: We value your privacy, so please shut the door.

We have a very simple privacy and cookie policy:

  • We don't gather any personal information from you, and we don't plant any cookie ourselves. (See "Disclaimers" and "Consent notice" below for more information on this topic.)

  • Even if we somehow learn personal information about you (such as your e-mail address, if you write to us), we won't share that information with anyone else. We won't spam you with newsletters or e-mail sales pitches, either.

  • As a mom-and-pop operation owned by liberal-arts types, we don't even know how to spy on you.

Disclaimers, facts, and privacy tips:

  • Although we don't gather any personal information, we aren't responsible for information that may be gathered by ad networks, affiliates, or advertisers when you complete surveys or fill out order forms.

  • Nor are we responsible for any cookies that our advertising networks, booking partners, and traffic-measurement services may place in your browser's "temporary Internet files" directory to keep track (for example) of whether you've previously visited the site, seen an ad, clicked an ad for a product or service, etc.

  • And while we ourselves don't track IP addresses, which are the Internet Protocol numbers temporarily or permanently assigned to your network or computer by Internet service providers, third-party services such as Google may do so for purposes of traffic measuring and analysis.

  • When you visit a Web site (ours or anybody else's), the Web site's server logs indicate where you came from--e.g., "," "," "," "," or "" However, the server log doesn't indicate who you are (even if it records your IP address for tracking purposes) and we have no way of knowing your identity.

  • Finally, if you're paranoid about Web cookies, beacons, and similar temporary Internet files used by advertisers, you can disable them in your browser. (See your browser's help file to learn how.) Caution: Disabling or deleting cookies can have unintended consequences, such as forcing you to log in manually when you visit forums, social-networking sites, online editions of newspapers, and other membership-based sites.

Consent notice (to keep the EC happy):

  • By viewing this site, you consent to the use of cookies, pixel tags, and other tracking tools by third parties such as Google and our affiliates. (What, you don't consent? Bail out now and unplug your Internet connection, just to be safe.)

Privacy policies of our technology and commercial partners:

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