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About Europe for Visitors

Mini-biographies: is an editorial travel-planning site that has won "Best of the Web" honors from The Washington Post and Forbes. It has earned press coverage from other publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, the Montreal Gazette, PC World, Time, and Die Zeit.

We cater to independent leisure travelers and cruisers who are researching where to go, what to do, and how to spend their money in Europe.

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Durant Imboden photo.

ABOVE: Durant Imboden.

Cheryl Imboden photo.

ABOVE: Cheryl Imboden.

Europe for Visitors began as "The Baby Boomer's Venice" in early 1996, followed by Venice for Visitors and Switzerland for Visitors when The Mining Co. (later to become was launched in 1997.

BUYING TRAVEL SERVICES ON THE INERNET book cover.These topics soon expanded into Europe for Visitors (Durant Imboden) and Switzerland/Austria for Visitors (Cheryl Imboden). One of us also found time to write a guidebook, Buying Travel Services on the Internet, for McGraw-Hill.

Our relationship with ended in fall, 2001. Since then, we've acquired our own domains and placed our copyrighted material on several tightly integrated sites within Europe for Visitors, Venice for Visitors, Paris for Visitors, and Germany for Visitors.

These editorial "content sites" provide several thousand pages of original articles, annotated links to other Web sites, and additional travel-planning resources that are specifically geared to European travel and cruising--primarily in Western and Atlantic Europe, which are the areas of Europe that we know best.

To serve our readers, we travel extensively and have an annual travel budget in the five figures.

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