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Zurich Bahnhofplatz Bellevueplatz Gastrotram Geneva Le Tram-Restaurant Trams at the Bahnhofplatz, Zurich, as viewed from the main railroad station (Switzerland Tourism).

Gastrotram (Zürich)

The VBZ has had a variety of "Gastro Trams" over the years, including a "Sushi-Linie" (Japanese specialties), Bavarian cuisine, and a "Chuchichäschtli-Tram" (traditional Swiss meals and snacks). To learn if a Gastrotram is running during your visit, check with the VBZ or the Zürich Tourist Office.

Le Tram-Restaurant (Geneva)

The Geneva Tram-Restaurant was on hiatus the last time I checked; if and when it resumes operation, it should be featured on the TPG (Geneva Public Transportation) Web site.

Introduction Dining Information

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