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Jewish Travel: Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland, Jewish travel, kosher hotels and restaurants

ABOVE: Zürich, Switzerland has a Jewish population of 7,000. Kosher businesses for tourists include a meat restaurant, a dairy restaurant, and a hotel that serves kosher breakfasts.

Switzerland is largely a Protestant and Catholic nation, with a Jewish population estimated at less than 20,000 or about 0.3% of the country's residents. The largest concentrations of Swiss Jews are in Zürich (7,000), Geneva (4,500), and (Basel (2,800). HaGalil's Judische Gemeinden page reports that some 2/3 of Switzerland's Jewish population lives in German-speaking areas.

Not surprisingly, kosher facilities for Orthodox and other tradition-minded Jewish travelers are in short supply. Still, it is possible to find kosher restaurants and food stores in Switzerland, and synagogues and mikvahs exist in places where you might not expect to find them--as you'll see when you click on the links below.

General information
The Swiss Jewish Federation  (SIG/FSCI) Web site is a good starting point for learning about Jewish life and events in Switzerland. (See the Jews in Switzerland article for an historical overview.)

Kosher Hotels and Restaurants

Shamash Kosher Restaurant Database
In the "Metropolitan Area" window, scroll down to "Switzerland" for listings and reviews of kosher establishments in Swiss cities. 

Hotel Neufeld, Zürich
Kosher breakfasts can be ordered in advance at the Neufeld, which is in the Zürich suburb of Wiedikon.

Levin's Hotel Metropol, Arosa
This long-established hotel is in a popular skiing and summer resort.

Olive Garden Restaurant, Zürich
Don't confuse this with the American chain restaurants of the same name: Zürich's Olive Garden is a kosher establishment that opened in 2011. It's located in the community center of ICZ (see link below).


Switzerland's Jewish weekly magazine is also available as an IPhone app

Jewish Communities

Chabad Schweiz
Among other things, this English-language Messianic Jewish site has a "Jewish Tourist Information for Zürich" page.

Jewish Cultural Community of Zürich (ICZ)
The Web site of the Israelitischen Cultusgemeinde Zürich is mostly of interest to residents, but it does list prayer times and other services in English on its synagogue page.


Jüdische Schule NOAM, Zürich
The Noam is a "religious-run, government-approved Jewish primary and secondary school" that combines secular education with Jewish learning. (Jewish subjects are taught in Hebrew.)


Kesher Kosher Tours
This tour agency in New York City offers tours that combine European travel with kosher meals and services at local synagogues. Some of the tours include Switzerland.

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