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Swiss Train Times

Swiss train times Switzerland timetable

ABOVE: Passenger train crosses high bridge near Frutigen, Switzerland.

Many travelers don't realize just how compact Switzerland is, or how easy it is to enjoy by train. To drive those points home, we've put together a few sample train itineraries.

On major routes, you'll typically find intercity trains leaving every hour from morning through late evening, with additional departures at other times. To look up departure times online, use the Swiss Federal Railways interactive journey planner or search for printable route timetables in PDF format from the Offizieles Kursbuch site.

Zürich-Geneva / Geneva-Zürich

8:04a 2:32p 8:14a 2:45p
10:42a 5:15p 10:56a 5:28p

Zürich-Bern / Bern-Zürich

9:02a 4:02p 9:02a 4:02p
9:58a 4:58p 9:58a 5:48p

Zürich-Lucerne / Lucerne-Zürich

9:04a 4:04p 9:10a 4:10p
9:49a 4:49p 9:56a 4:56p

Lucerne-Interlaken / Interlaken-Lucerne

8:55a 3:55p 9:00a 4:00p
10:55a 5:55p 11:00a 6:00p

Zürich-Lugano / Lugano-Zürich

9:01a 3:01p 9:12a 4:10p
11:45p 5:45p 11:51a 6:49p

Zürich-St. Moritz / St. Moritz-Zürich

9:37a 3:57p 9:02a 4:02p
12:58p 6:58p 12:23p 7:23p
  • Note: Timetables are subject to change, and the train times in this article are merely samples and not guaranteed departure or arrival times.

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