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A Day in Amsterdam

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Sleeping at Schiphol

If you feel the urge to nap at Schiphol Airport, you have two options: the Yotel, which rents tiny rooms or "cabins" by the day or night, and the lounges. The best lounges are the ones upstairs, which are away from the main traffic patterns and have rows of long upholstered benches or couches that experienced Schiphol travelers use for naps.

A few hints on sleeping:

  • Don't nap on the benches unless you have a companion to watch your belongings.

  • Wrap something soft (such as your coat) around the metal armrest near your head, or you may hurt yourself when you wake and sit up.

  • Look respectable. We've never seen anyone hassled by police at Schiphol, but we have heard reports of snoozing travelers being rousted from the benches. If you look like a passenger rather than a transient, you're less likely to have a baton poked into your kidneys.

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