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Amsterdam Sex and Prostitution

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Amsterdam prostitute on bed

ABOVE: Waiting for a client.

Red Light District signHolland: Tempting the Tourist With Hookers and Hookahs
Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and the sex industry has revenues estimated at nearly US $1 billion a year. Our article talks about drive-in brothels, "How much is that woman in the window?," and plans for a bordello in Schiphol Airport.

Amsterdam Closes a Window on its Red-Light Tourist Trade
The Guardian describes Amsterdam's efforts to curb organized crime by purchasing and closing down a third of the city's brothels. (The New York Times also has an article on the gentrification of the red-light district.)

Amsterdam XXX: The Walletjes
This handsomely designed site has expanded into a full-fledged alternative city guide, including an extensive section on the red-light district. It's definitely worth your time.

Amsterdam sex workerCan a Prostitute Be a Sight?
Rick Steves, the travel writer and TV host, discusses the Amsterdam's red-light district from a tourist's point of view.

MSNBC: Sold as a Sex Slave in Europe
Read this report to learn how Eastern European are being forced into prostitution in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Prostitution in Amsterdam
A no-nonsense, no-euphemisms guide to the red-light district, its clubs, and its professional women, as reported by the World Sex Guide.

Prostitution Information Centre
Bring your study group for a workshop, take a Sunday-morning walking tour of the red-light district, see a replica of a window brothel bedroom, or shop for condoms, lubricants, and prostitution-related souvenirs.

Amsterdam Hotspots: Red Lights
Three clubs and a high-class sex shop are reviewed here. Check the maps to find locations, then read user reviews or add your own.

Red Lights in Amsterdam
These images show a series of oil paintings (mostly portraits and figure studies of prostitutes) by Swedish artist Ulf Malmgren.

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Top photo: Matthew Bowden
1st inset photo: Martin Roe.
2nd inset photo: Roman Kazmin.