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How to get the most value from your European vacation budget--whether you're a cost-conscious capitalist or a hostel-hugging backpacker.



We've never liked the term "budget travel," because for us, travel isn't about money--it's about seeing new places and enjoying new experiences. And besides, some travelers like to splurge.

But even if you can afford an upscale trip, why throw money away when you don't have to? And if you are watching your euros, pounds, dollars, rupees, ringgit, or yen, the words "wasting money" shouldn't be in your vocabulary.

In this series of seven money-saving tips, we describe easy ways to make the most of any travel budget. Some of our advice is targeted to North American and British travelers, but for the most part, our tips will be useful whether you're from Boston, Birmingham, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, or Beijing.

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Money-saving European travel tips:

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