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ABOVE: The Renault Grand Espace van is one of the most popular vehicles among Europe for Visitors readers who book short-term leases with Renault Eurodrive's buyback program. INSET BELOW: The Kangoo is a good choice if you want a compact vehicle with a roomy interior.

Short-term Renault leases in Europe

Are you driving in Europe for at least 17 days? Do you reside outside of the European Union? If so, a Renault Eurodrive short-term lease can be much cheaper than a traditional car rental:

  • Rates are less to begin with, since Renault leases are tax-free and there are no mileage charges.

  • Fully comprehensive, zero-deductible insurance is included at no extra cost.

  • You can lease a Renault for 17 days to six months as a tourist, or up to a year if you're a temporary resident of Europe for academic or business purposes. (Note: The minimum billing period is 21 days, so you'll get the best value if you take a car for longer than the minimum of 17 days.)

  • Important for students and older drivers: Minimum driver age is only 18, and there's no upper age limit.

Short-term leasing is quick and easy.

photoDon't let the term "short-term leasing" put you off: Leasing a car from Renault Eurodrive is no more complicated than renting. For more information on Renault short-term leasing, visit the Renault Eurodrive Web site and read our articles on:

GPS is available on many cars.

Built-in GPS is an option on many Renault Eurodrive models, making it easier to find your way from town to town (or even from street to street) as you drive.

For an automated price quote or more information, click here to visit the Renault Eurodrive Web site.

Espace Photo: C.D. Casteran. Kangoo photos: Olivier Banet.
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