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Press Reviews of Europe for Visitors

From: About Us and its subsidary sites have been reviewed or mentioned in publications ranging from Good Housekeeping to Die Zeit, and we've earned "Best of the Web" honors from both Forbes and The Washington Post.

Here are quotes from major magazines and newspapers:

Another excellent site for Europe-bound travels: Durant Imboden's, with country guides, hotel recommendations and travel articles.

Michael Shapiro
"Best of the Web: 54 Online Travel Sites to Bookmark Now"
The Washington Post

Beret-wearing travel writer Durant Imboden hosts this [6,000]-page site packed with articles, links, photos, 360-degree panoramic views of different neighborhoods in different cities--even live Web cams. (You can watch shoppers bustling through London's Oxford Circus.) Search by country or city guides; content is strongest for Italy, Switzerland and Austria. For Venice lovers, Imboden (author of "The Baby Boomer's Venice") goes to town with 70 deeply researched travel articles such as the history-laden "Winged Lion of St Mark" which explains how a lion became the mascot for this maritime city. There are over 100 features exploring Switzerland and Austria, along with travel tools such as a list of B&Bs in Switzerland. General Advice has fun treks like chocolate theme park Cadbury World in England. Link to airlines, 5-star hotels, trains, rental cars, and sightseeing tours.

Forbes Best of the Web

EU GO....Durant Imboden is the delightfully named and beret-sporting guide to the thousands of websites related to Europe, from Celtic culture tours and a Finnish women's jazz festival to major museum art exhibitions coming this fall. The site features links to hotels and regional airlines, restaurant reviews, airport directories, train and ferry schedules, campgrounds, five-star hotels, city and country guides and more. If it's in Europe, chances are you'll find it here--if not, ask Durant to help you find it.

Time Magazine (International Edition, Asia)
"Travel Watch"

Trekking to Europe? Whether you're going for a long weekend or a few months, proper preparation is essential if you want to make the most of your sojourn. Boasting dozens and dozens of links on everything from the Matterhorn to Venice and Poland to Portugal, this homegrown guide can help you refine your itinerary or plan new stops. Assembled by Durant Imboden, a beret-sporting Europhile who has traveled in (and written about) the Continent for years, EV features easy-to-follow categories and timely, relevant advice.

PC World

If a budget European holiday is in the cards for you, check out [this] excellent European-holiday site. Consider the intro page a launching pad to hundreds of great sites. 

The practical-information section links to sites on accessible travel, accommodations, etiquette, insurance, currency, passports, pets and lists of cyber cafes....The site is further broken down into sections on the type of travel you want to do in Europe and where you want to go.

The section on Venice, for example, has the usual links to sites on apartment rentals, hotels, restaurants, transportation and sightseeing. But you can also find an index to more than 70 illustrated articles on Venice, information on Venice travel tips and you can even listen to a sound recording of a vaporetto's arrival and departure.

Catherine Boucek
Montreal Gazette

How does a guy holed up in an attic office in south Minneapolis create a thorough and compelling European travel-planning website? By traveling a lot. It doesn't hurt that his name and face greet visitors to the site, since both are vaguely European. The name: Durant Imboden. The look: healthy white beard and beret."

Keri Westenberg
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Europe for Visitors
An outstanding resource for researching travel in Europe, with both original content and an extensive directory of hand-selected links, created and maintained by Durant Imboden, former Europe for Visitors Guide.

Chris Sherman
Search Engine Watch

...Try the lovely European photo galleries, which feature many of the standard tourist spots.

Denise Kersten
USA Today

If you pack light, you'll find it manageable to get to and from the airport on commuter trains and subways [....] offers helpful tips on airport transportation.

Michelle Higgins, "Practical Traveler"
The New York Times

I have written before about Durant Imboden's excellent Europe for Visitors site, On his articles index you can browse hundreds of articles, including transportation information, photos, travel tips, and Web links.

He also has information on International Driving Permits, Touring Europe by Ship and European Travel News to keep you up-to-date on what his happening right up until you leave. You can search for what you want on his site using Google, use the European Travel Planner with more than 200 [pages of] links to relevant Web sites, link to a currency converter, look at CIA maps and browse through more than 1,000 photos of European sights.

Imboden, exhaustive researcher, never met a detail he didn't like, and [he] even includes a link to Busking Tips, a site by guitarist-vocalist Jesse Gersenson on how to make money singing or strumming for your supper in Europe and other parts of the world.

Judy Babcock Wylie
Daily Herald

The European travel season is approaching like a Mercedes driving 100 mph in your rearview mirror. Well, okay, not that fast--but it segues nicely into this travel tip about driving in Europe.

I once drove for two months around southern and central Europe and Turkey during peak tourist season. Not only did I survive--I actually enjoyed the experience. I relished roundabouts, I eagerly accelerated onto the autobahn, I gassed around Grecian goatherds with glee. But the experience appealed to my latent stunt-driver tendencies. It's not for everyone. Durant Imboden has put together an excellent page of suggestions, information, and resources on how to approach driving in Europe intelligently. With his page, you can decide if, when, and how you want to drive in Europe, as well as get started in the rental process.

Tom Hinds

[Durant] Imboden has written extensively about Europe and has one of the best Internet sites on Europe.

Anita Dunham-Potter
Smarter Living

The premier visitor's site for Venice, Italy.

Bill Machrone
PC Magazine

Venice for Visitors is a thorough directory of links to restaurants, accommodations and events. Its Venice Photos is a dazzling stream of virtual images.

Luanne Axt