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Museums, monuments

Antiquities Museum and Ludwig Collection
Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artworks are the house specialties. (German and French(.

Augusta Raurica
Some 20,000 people lived in this Roman town 1,800 years ago. Today's open-air museum complex has ruins, a reconstruction of a Roman house, and a "Roman farm" animal park. In summer, you can get there by boat.

Basel Historical Museum
The city's history since Celtic times is chronicled in the Barfüsserkirche, a restored Franciscan church from the 1300s. Other museum branches are also listed here. (German and French.)

Kunstmuseum Basel
The Kunstmuseum Web site covers two museums: the Basel Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Museum of Cultures
Basel's ethnological museum displays objects from around the world, with an emphasis on the Americas, the Pacific, and rural Europe.

Museum Tinguely
This museum opened in 1996. It celebrates the work of Jean Tinguely, a Swiss artist whose career spanned three and a half decades before his death in 1991.

Natural History Museum
Minerals, dinosaurs, birds, and beetles are among the specimens in this internationally respected museum. (German.)

Spielzeug Welten Museum - Toy World Museum
Dolls, dollhouses, teddy bears, toy carousels, etc. occupy four floors of exhibition  space in central Basel.

Vitra Design Museum
This ultramodern, international museum of furniture and interior design is located across the German border in Weil am Rhein. Take the A5 motorway or the No. 5 bus from the Badischer Bahnhof (railway station) in Basel.

Zoo Basel
The Basel Zoological Garden ("Zolli Basel" in dialect) is a 5- to 10-minute walk from the center of town or the railroad station. Animals range from apes to zebras.


Basler Ruder-Club
The local rowing club has two boathouses, some 400 members, and more than a hundred years of history. (German.)

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