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Paragliding in Switzerland

Paragliding - Switzerland - Bernese Oberland

ABOVE: A paraglider soars amid the Bernese Alps.

By Durant Imboden

Paragliding is a major sport in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps provide ample jumping-off points and wind currents, and the world's best transportation system makes it easy for pilots to commute from cities and towns to mountain slopes.

As a tourist, you're welcome to join Switzerland's 13,000 registered paraglider pilots. Rides in tandem (two-seat) paragliders are offered by flight schools throughout the country, and you can arrange for lessons if your maiden flight turns you into an addict. Paragliding isn't just a warm-weather sport, either--in St. Moritz, for example, you can take the Corviglia ski lift up a snow-covered mountain, then glide down to the town's frozen lake with an instructor.

Swiss Paragliding Web links

Many of the Web sites on the following page are in German or French. Don't let this discourage you from arranging a ride, since professional pilots are likely to speak enough English to guide you safely down to earth in a tandem paraglider.

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