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Schloss Sch�nbrunn

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Sch�nbrunn Palace Palmery

ABOVE: The Palmery, Sch�nbrunn.

Visiting Sch�nbrunn

Sch�nbrunn Palace is one of Vienna's most popular attractions, receiving some 1.3 million visitors a year. Millions of other people--Viennese as well as tourists--explore the surrounding gardens and Sch�nbrunn's other attractions, which include a zoo (see below), the Palmenhaus (Palm House), a coach museum, cafés, restaurants, classical-music concerts in the Orangerie, a theatre, catered events, and the inevitable gift shop.

When buying tickets, choose the Grand Tour (1� hours) if you want to see the all 40 State Rooms. The quicker "Imperial Tour" is cheaper but includes only 22 rooms. A "Sisi Ticket" includes the Grand Tour, several Hofburg tours, and the Imperial Furniture Collection. (The Sisi Ticket is valid for a year, so you don't have to do everything the same day.) For more information, see the Sch�nbrunn Palace Web site below.

To reach Sch�nbrunn, take the U4 subway line to Sch�nbrunn (for the palace tour) or Hietzing (for the zoo).

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Schloss Sch�nbrunn
Choose from a variety of tickets and passes, depending on your budget and available time. (For an independent review with an embedded Google aerial photo map, read Steve Larson's Sch�nbrunn Palace page at

Der Tiergarten Sch�nbrunn
The Sch�nbrunn Zoo claims to be the world's oldest, although it has been modernized with new technology over the past few decades. 

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