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Bleicheli 'Stadtlounge'

St. Gallen, Switzerland

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ABOVE: A fetching Fräulein tests the Stadtlounge's public furniture.

The Stadtlounge's red surfacing flows over benches, tables, and art objects throughout the Bleicheli. (A playground-style surface is used in pedestrian areas, while car routes are paved in bright red asphalt.)


In Switzerland, illegal parking can lead to unpleasant surprises.


Stencilled symbols identify a bike lane in the Bleicheli.


During the day, the Stadtlounge's lighting fixtures resemble UFOs, subcompact blimps, or giant jellybeans.


As evening approaches, the orbs begin to glow.

The illuminated orbs aren't uniform in color, but have mottled surfaces that make a viewer think of planetoids.

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