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ABOVE: A mother and her children enjoy Schlaf im Stroh ("Sleep in Straw") accommodations in Switzerland.

Farmhouse stays

If you have children, or if you've always dreamed of milking a cow, consider spending a few days or a week on a Swiss or Austrian farm. This obviously works best if you're renting a car, since you can then use the farm as a base for excursions.

The Schlaf im Stroh ("Sleep in Straw") program of the Swiss Farmers Association is another popular option. During the summer, when cows are moved to alpine pastures, many farmers turn their barns into rustic hostels for hikers, families, nature lovers, and youth groups. The rockbottom price includes breakfast.


Switzerland and Austria offer several hundred campgrounds. Like hotels, they have one- to five-star ratings depending on the services and luxury they offer. Most are open from spring through fall. Local tourist offices can point you in the right direction.

Youth hostels

Nearly every Swiss or Austrian town of any size has at least one youth hostel. These modern, well-equipped establishments typically offer two- to four-bedded rooms instead of old-style dormitory accommodations, and many are surprisingly luxurious. They're a great value for travelers of all ages.

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