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Vaporetto Sounds

From: Vaporetto Sights and Sounds

"Next stop, San Marco."

Click a link below to download and play a one-minute sound recording in WAV (Windows) or AU (Macintosh and Sun) format. Both versions are 1293 Kb and will take a while to download with a dial-up modem, so you may want to view other pages in a separate browser window until the download is complete. (NOTE: Once you've downloaded the .WAV or .AU file to your hard disk, you can listen it to repeatedly with your playback program.)

What you'll hear:

  • The vaporetto conductor announces a stop. The boat reaches the platform, the conductor opens the sliding gate, and passengers disembark. New passengers then come on board, the gate slides shut, and the water bus departs.

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Recordings copyright � BBC, from BBC Sound Effects CD 009. May not be reproduced or redistributed.



Macintosh and Sun