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Europe by Van and Motorhome

book coverFirst, a confession: I've never driven anything larger than a Volvo, unless you count the 15 minutes I once spent in the pilot's seat of a Convair R4Y. I'd rather take the train than drive a truck, and I prefer Luther Vandross to a Volkswagen Vanagon.

So, instead of pretending to be an expert on European camping, I'll defer to those who are: David Shore and Patty Campbell, authors of Europe by Van and Motorhome. Their 249-page book tells everything you need to know about renting, leasing, buying, and/or traveling around Europe in a four-wheeler with bunks.

The US $16.95 paperback is divided into eleven chapters, some of which have information that you won't find in other European travel guides:

How to Get Rolling: Acquiring a Van or Motorhome Abroad talks about renting and leasing, where and how to buy a vehicle for longer trips, overseas delivery of U.S. or Canadian models, and how to arrange transportation if you insist on bringing your own. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book, with its agency/dealer listings and information on stickers, certificates, and insurance.

Roads and Driving: Breezing Along Like a Native describes European driving etiquette, crossing borders, buying fuel, maps and guidebooks, auto clubs, and similar topics. It includes money-saving tips on when and where to cross from the UK to Continental Europe by ferry.

Sleeping in the Best Places: Nightly Homesites goes beyond general advice to list specific campgrounds in London, Paris, Munich, and several other European cities. It describes areas with great campgrounds (Greece, except for Athens) and places to avoid (Spain's eastern and southern coasts). "Freecamping" anecdotes describe where the authors have camped undisturbed in some of Europe's most elegant neighborhoods.

Cooking on Wheels and Food Shopping Adventures suggest what utensils to bring, what breakfasts are easiest to prepare in various countries, and how to shop for food in Europe. It includes a country-by-country guide to food specialties, shops, and restaurants throughout Western Europe, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Turkey.

The book, which was first published in 1994, has been updated a number of times over the years.

For more information, see the Europe by Van and Motorhome Web site.

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