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English Football - A Trip to Sunderland
Arsenal supporter Anders Imboden describes a match at Sunderland AFC's Stadium of Light and offers tips for foreign footie fans.

The Amateur Historian's Guide to the Heart of England
Book review: This informative, engaging, 410-page paperback describes nearly 200 medieval and Tudor sites within two hours of London.

Dover Castle
Explore 2,000 years of English history atop the White Cliffs of Dover. The castle's attractions include a medieval keep, a battlements walk, and a tour of WWII's Secret Wartime Tunnels.

Hadrian's Wall
When in England, do as the Romans did. Twenty miles of well-preserved ruins are just a stone's throw from Newcastle (see below).

Barge Cruises & Canal Boats
Explore Europe's waterways in luxury, or rent a boat and pilot it yourself.

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